Compose Therapy and Wellness | Services
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Therapy We Provide

Child Therapy

Children who struggle to regulate their emotions, unable to express their thoughts and feelings verbally.


Drawing on the Psychoanalytic, Attachment, Child development and Empathic Parenting ideology, the use of non-directive, attunement and empathy foster the space for children to freely use the therapy space to safely express their thoughts, concerns and feelings.


My work is to develop a better understanding of the child’s inner world and playfully engage others to better understand their needs. This therapy requires the participation of parents and caregivers in ongoing parent sessions.

Family Therapy

Everyone wants a family that is whole and connected.


Through 4-6 sessions we will examine the challenges, work on reconnecting broken relationships and create new ways to understand and relate to one another.


Use of multigenerational therapy, we talk about the family of origin attachments and patterns, which informs our current relationships with our children and spouses.

Parenting Support & Education

I am here for parents, to be present and listen to the concerns they have with their children.


I offer support and strategies to help parents remain calm and better understand their children’s behaviours and struggles. In addition to this, I can refer parents to Behaviour management specialists, psychologists, and/or make recommendations for other services where possible. My hope is to ensure that the child(ren) and family receive the support they need to ease the distress for each family member.

Individual Therapy

Individuals who struggle to communicate their thoughts, feelings or those who feel stuck in life or in relationships.


My goal is to work with individuals by looking at the external and internal factors within themselves to find answers related to their inner conflict. The hope is for each person to develop a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings and emotions and then develop new ways to effectively communicate with others and with themselves in order to feel validated and respected.

What We Help You Deal With





Behavioural Concerns (ADHD)


Social Anxiety







Self-Esteem / Low Self-Confidence


Mental Health Issues


Substance Misuse

Family Discord


Parent-Teen  Conflict


Telephone Addiction


Parenting Attachment Concerns


Socializing Issues